Friday, May 16, 2008

Kenyan Forensic Science Association

A most commendable effort by two dynamic ladies is bearing fruit. Lynne T. Farrah and Sophie Mukwana (both Directors of Biotech Forensics Ltd) came up with the idea of establishing a national forensic science association. We had a successful inaugural meeting on the 7th of May, 2008 in Nairobi Club. This meeting was attended by Kenyan professionals from various forensic science branches.

Forensic science, by the way, is the application of scientific methods and processes to matters that involve crime or the public. These branches include criminalistics, pathology, entomology, dentistry/odontology, psychology, chemistry, computing, geology and anthropology. Forensic scientists are for example invaluable to their nation in the areas of forensic chemistry (drugs, toxicology, trace evidence, explosives, fires, etc.), forensic biology (mainly DNA and body fluids and tissues) and criminalistics (fingerprints, documents, firearms, information and communication technology and tool marks) among others.

Most of these branches were represented and it was widely agreed that formation of this body was long overdue. I would wish to thank Lynne and Sophie for igniting this process that will professionalise the application of forensics in Kenya.

If you are a forensic scientist resident in Kenya please come along to the second meeting. It will be held at Nairobi Club on Wednesday 21st May, 2008 at 6.00p.m. Organisers encourage punctuality and remember drinks and snacks will be on sale.



hi i am a forensic database specialist in kenya graduate from ast USA and practiced in various level for the past six years or so am 32 years of age currently with branches in nyahururu nakuru kisii south coast ukunda and mombasa,
Bigeye forensics deals with any electronic data information retrival, database and crime scene .we are setting up a new database lab to be used by the crime lab and any other investigatpor who would wish to.the project is fully funded by our partners in canada and russia.soon u will be ab;le to trace background information on hospital bills credit card, school college and other public information .

we are proud to know that forensic is getting a new lift in kenya.

emmanuel . kimeu. judah
Bigeyes Forensic centre
+254 0726 007527

duncun said...

my name is mise.i looking for a college in kenya offering forensics (diploma).
my contacts are:-
+254725382025 or +254736764849

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne and Sophie,

Only last year I had read about two of you in the local dairies.

I have seen you are involved in DNA identification for Nakumatt.

I am just eager how you are taking DNA forensics in Kenya. I mean are you having plans to set up Labs in Kenya or u already have? Do you wish to add to your workforce?

This is the time Kenya had a strong forensics private sector.

Isaac Mururi

Amin said...

Where in nakuru is Bigeyes forensic center located?If anybody knows mail me,

Anonymous said...

Hi wish to be informed of a college in Kenya offering Forencic IT

Anonymous said...

I'm so interested in doing forensic science and I'm about to start my course at K.U.I jst hope that I would do great and one day become Kenya's top Forensic scientist.Congratulations to all those forensic scientists in Kenya and thank you for setting the pace for us.

Anonymous said...

hi,im eustine just cleared my iwant 2 take bsc.forensics b4 taking msc. in the same field can u plis advice me accordingly.can u advice on the best universities offering the same course abroad or in africa. plis or contact me on +254724413684.plis

shambi said...

hi, im peter yet to join ku. and m really happy with the effort you people are bringing to kenya. i hope that one day my dreams come true, that i become a great forensic expert in kenya.

Anonymous said...

I have a degree in Computer Science n will like to take a diploma in Forensic science, please can someone advice me on college and fee please

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to know if is possible to do an internship for forensic science in Kenya.
please let know via e-mail:
thank you

Anonymous said...

hi Lynne and Sophie
im currently a form 4 student waiting for my KCSE is it possible to do an internship with one of the forensic labs in the coastal town of mombasa. im planning to undertake a course in forensic science in ku. pliz help me out since it's my dream to bring change to Kenya through the knowledge i'll aquire from my studies in Forensics.

My contact email adress is:

Elisha said...


I'm very much interested and aspire to do forensic science.

What can I do to make my dream come true?

Please help me.


I can't wait for it, pleasd help me.

Anonymous said...


ptah said...

my name is peterson i finished my form examinitions year 2010 my dream is to pursue a forensic science course the problem is i do not know of any college in KENYA offering these course am kindly requesting for your help

Rogers said...

Hi, am Rogers, a student of Mombasa polytechnic University College taking degree in Biotechnology. I would really like to secure attachment with FORENSIC ORGANIZATION. Please help. contact
via email

Anonymous said...

Forensic Kenya and Bigeyes are looking for interested investigators to handle a new program in east africa. the team will be cordinated and directed by emmanuel kimeu judah,one of Kenya's best of the best who is also based in Denmark.
For the past 4 years emmanuel as been a major motivator for young investigators across africaand also in the world he is one of the best forensic investigators i have ever come across.his ability to turn simple evidence to clues, a master in computer crime and electronic gargets.Kenya needs a creative ypung man like him to move our CID Police to a level higher.he as over 7 credits in various crime case under the special report issued last year for developing countries on investigation innovation giants.
to find out more about him(type his 3 full names in google and lock at the links about him).
anyone who knows his contact pls do email post them here!

am a Nigerian An am proud to have met emmanuel kimeu judah as my motivator last year in Abuja.
Kenyans a thumb high!.

Anonymous said...

suan magedi (malawi)

hi guys i need to join the forensic field is there other investigators with great gift like (Detective emmanuel from KENYA,
where do i get a school to train and the email add of The Detectiev emmanuel Kimeu Judah, he was in malawi september 2010.pls

Anonymous said...

clark morgan T,
we contracted emmanuel & Bigeyes Investigators some times back to investigate a crime within our company based in Kampala and rwanda,i just want to say they are an example of elites in investigation matters.but they need advt themselves more in Kenya.
i would recommend anyone to try them!

morgan (Kampala)

Anonymous said...

chabby muli(Kenya)
guys emmanuel's contacts are all over the net,try sites loke Kdikenya,where wi got his email and add. and others.
cell:2540751776737 may be lucky.

Anonymous said...

hi,am jose currently a student taking forensic science at k.u and like it,just asking what is the future for us in kenya

LEVIAN said... Leyvian..a second year forensic scientist in k.u and would like to urge all my colleagues and all the interested parties to join hands and come up with a workable association that will function as a motivational vehicle for all those interested in the faculty and nature each and everyone's future.any one with ideas can contact me

JAMES said...

Hi, I just completed my Chemistry major degree in JKUAT and have a passion for forensic chemistry. Been trying to apply for a master's degree on forensic chemistry but have not been able to..
How do I go about it?
+254 722 804590

John said...

Am JOHN NOEL a 2nd year student in Kenyatta university taking a bsc in FORENSIC SCI.we thanks you Sophie and Lynne for shading some light to the Forensic field in kenya and in your successful work in Disaster Victims Identification in line with the Nakumatt fire are our mentors and we are proud of you.please let us know when inturnship opportunities arise up in your vicinities.thankyou

Kimanga said...

Hi guys, it's heartening that now forensic science is getting coverage and is being talked about in various quarters. Actually, forensics is a new thing and no gov. agency can do without it. I would say that lets come together, all the interested parties and other agencies, and forge the way forward towards realizing its full potential in the country- carrying out investigations and fighting crime to bring about justice.
We need a live platform through which we can share our ideas and experiences and deal our issues out together-national governing board, up to date labs and facilities, standard procedures, etc.
I welcome all views in that respect. Thanks.
E.O. Kimanga, Bsc. Forensic Sc. Kenyatta University.

KARIUKI said...

Studying the same in K.U and am optimistic about a bright future in this field.But I do fear we might be of no use to such a country like KENYA though the future seems bright upon us in this field.For those who are already experts,please be there to nurture us.

collins said...

Am really to know forensic science is growing in kenya.Guy already in the field prepare awy for us.

Anonymous said...

hi am Elizabeth i cleared my form 4 studies last year(2010)am interested in this course.would you please help me to know more about the course and the qualifications required to join it my email adress is

eric said...

Am a second year student in forensic science from Kenyatta University. Am glad and grateful with you Lynne and Sophie for the light you are shinning to the public as pertains to forensics. I have read about the meeting for forensic scientist residents in Kenya to be held at Nairobi a continuing student an the same field am i invited for the forum?please reply via my mail:

Anonymous said...

i like this improvements.....i want to be among the people bringing change in kenya....i am studying criminology at chuka university 0701697732
japheth mbihi lumadede

Anonymous said...

am doing an architecture thesis on the design of a forensics lab in Kenya, wanna share ideas, hola @

kevin kosgei said...

Hi Bigeyes,its Dennis Lagat and Kevin Kosgei ,both 1st year students taking Bsc. Forensic Science in KU.We are greatful you people starting such a project in Kenya.We are very much interested in the field and would to like see Kenya being a just country with the efforts of forensic scientist.We would also wish ,if possible ,you could link or rather connect us with other Forensic scientist,students or Organisations abroad.Hoping to hear from you soon.

Our contacts:

Anonymous said...

Am a law graduate and a practicing Advocate .Being interested in criminal litigation i know too well what this country is missing out on without a proper forensics laboratory.
The Government and stakeholders alike should come together and map a way forward ;Vision 2030 should strive to in cooperate a fully functioning forensics laboratory.


Mr. Kimanga said...


Hi guys,
Wish to reiterate the fact that the government can no longer evade the issue of a Forensic Lab. If the money was stolen, let them allocate in the budget anew. It's unacceptable to leave this matter pending.
Further, a Forensic Act need be put in place to create an enabling groung for it's full application.
It's our mandate to show cause why this is inevitable any more, it must be said in one voice. We all know that.

Mr. Kimanga said...

Kenya boasts of being the "big brother" of the East Africa Community but this is not important at all.
When the big brother is still sleeping in a comfort zone, the little one is out and about making it big.
Check out this............

Kenya needs to wake up to the plain reality, just a word.

Mr. Kimanga said...

Uganda bids to host regional forensic centre

Uganda has begun lobbying forensic experts from East African member states to support its bid to host the bloc’s referral forensic centre.

Addressing regional forensic experts in Kampala on March 21, Uganda’s Criminal Investigations Director, Ms Grace Akullo, said the police force has a modern forensic laboratory that can handle all criminal investigation challenges in the region.

“I am strongly convinced that our forensic department is better than others in the region and we are better placed to host the referral forensic centre,” she said.

“The political will is there to improve it further so that it matches international standards.”

Fingerprint machine

As part of effort to strengthen forensic research, Ms Akullo said the police plans to acquire a fingerprint machine and integrate ICT in investigating cyber crimes.

Plans are also underway to elevate the department to a directorate to attract more funding.

The forensic experts, led by the officer in charge of peace and security at the EAC Secretariat, Mr Didacus B Kaguta, are in Uganda to assess the country’s readiness to host the Regional Referral Forensic Centre.
Share This Story

The team includes one forensic expert from each EAC member state and two from Britain and Germany.

Uganda and Rwanda are seen as the frontrunners to host the regional facility given the existence of modern forensic centres in both countries.

The RRFC is a brainchild of the Council of East African Police Chiefs which, among other duties, addresses challenges in investigations, and strengthens forensic services and criminal justice departments.

It also aims to ensure that EAC member states have harmonised forensic centres.

The team has since visited the police forensic department in Naguru, a Kampala suburb, and will compile a report to be presented at the next Sectoral Council on Inter-State Security meeting for a final decision.

Currently, regional governments spend huge amounts of money on forensic tests that are carried out abroad, mostly in South Africa and the UK.

Furthermore, several criminal cases have been thrown out of court due to poor gathering of forensic evidence. Trained forensic personnel are also few and far between.
For example, Uganda has only 70 scene-of-crime officers (Socos) who investigate the at least 99,676 criminal cases reported at police stations annually.

Mr Kaguta said when the regional forensic centre is established, it will train forensic practitioners as well as disseminate information to all national forensic labs.

johnsmith said...

However then also there are various who simply need to stay hidden bodily and wanted to capture fame and name on foundation of their WORDs and KNWOLEDGE.
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simon gabore said...

we need to wake up and show the others that kenya we are still the best i believe we have what it takes to lead on Forensic Lab,Am a forensic expert for the past 7 years have seen forensic grow in Kenya.
We are soon going to have a Computer forensic Lab thanks to a collabo with Denmark and Emmanuel Kimeu Judah (big eyes investigators and data handlers kenya.), in Mombasa.this will cater for equipment training for all forensic students within and outside Kenya.have bn reading few blogs that have written about emmanuel from kenya and i was amazed how this young Forensic Detective can elaborate more on the field of Profiling and crime scene a Ugandan born in Kenya but i can say Kenyan are the best in the world.

Stephen Haseler said...

It’s funny you must be writing concerning this topic, as I’ve simply finished rewriting my about page and it includes everything you speak about.
check this out

alexander said...

Thanks for completing the gig. Nice work. Undoubtedly can be back and recommend within the future.

Anonymous said... name is lawreen francis n m in search of a that offers forensic science...once you obtain information..holla at me at...

Anonymous said...

my name is patrick ambei munyasa l did ma KCSE in the year 2010 and l had a special interest in forensic science study but l have not been able to get the universities and colleges that offer this in kenya.kindly l request if get any could u please refer me to them.u can send me any report on my email account that is my contacts are 0727240576 or 0787388054.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

am currently a first year student at multimedia university taking International Diploma in Computer Studies. after this course i'd like to do diploma in computer forensics but am wondering which college to pursue the course in. please help through

Anonymous said...

Unique Solution Services Ke
Stessy Nyaga & Ruth Mburu
Unique Solution Services Ke aim to provide the highest quality of DNA a and Forensic services to the east African community; we believe it was Gods purpose to make a positive increase to every aspect of our nations. As a family we take pride in conducting everything we do to the highest excellence. The DNA clinic is the start of what we know will be a divine journey for ourselves and the nation of Kenya. it is where we will offer the analysis of biological materials, for example DNA testing; analysis and identification of controlled substances and analysis identification and quantification of alcohol (i.e. toxicology) our interests to enhance public safety justice and human rights will be achieved by generating accurate and impartial results that may be used in any element of the criminal and legal justice systems

U.S.Ske is a group of undergraduates living in the united kingdom craving to bring increase to their country with the skills and opportunities of learning provided to them. Knowing that every action we take should be fruitful. As the company expands we want to invest into the current and future generations planting a seed in every aspect of the Kenyan nation. U.S.Ske will enlarge their services providing more labs for those within the field and open a new door into Kenyan forensics services providing its services not only to Kenya but East Africa: we see this possible by building the resources and manpower needed for these tests to be carried out with excellence accuracy and increase.

The increase of DNA services will provide more options to other Centre processing biological samples such as hospitals, laboratories and water testing Centre. We acknowledge that our prescience can relive stress from a already high work load for these organizations. We are able to deliver options to obtain results that are required more urgently assuring all confidentiality when handling all samples.

Investment is made not only financially but in everything we do. All investments are simply made by applying effort to a thought however it is the amount of effort we apply that determines the success of that thought! Therefore by simply applying all our efforts into the thoughts surrounding our nation we shall continue to rise in our success together. Unique Solutions Services Ke hope to supply undergraduate -professional career opportunities such as internships, eventually creating schools and schemes to make it easier to access the knowledge needed to obtain a career in forensic and biosciences. By establishing and perfecting the art of forensics we will be able to become consultants to our neighboring nations, elevating the profession to the heights of our leading competitors in a comparatively young practice.

The team is determined to cater too the needs of all: opening job vacancies in many areas from cleaners to forensic pathologists. We aim to organize schemes co-coordinated to promote safe sex, rape awareness and anti crime campaigns to maintain the healthy culture Kenya carries with individuals who share those concerns.
Unique Solutions Services ke are seeking expert advice and partnership in order to make this dream a reality. we recognize the urgency for experienced successful entrepreneurs and experts that share the same drive and vision for Kenya. The development of Kenya is rapidly growing and with the arrival of vision 2030 and the new appointed judiciary there is opportunity for massive growth and evolution in Kenya: this will be seen economically, socially, culturally, spiritually and in knowledge. We want to be a part of that growth and are certain that somebody is able to see the grand possibilities we envision. Unique solutions services know that you carry the skills and recourses available to ensure the positive increase of the nation of Kenya and hope that you do not hesitate to contact us. . . . with a unique solution.

Anonymous said...

Hi am Caleb and shiro we are students in forensic science,we are shocked that we have our own forensic detective ranked among the best in the world yet we never recognize them here,the government should do something.we are proud of emmanuel kimeu judah have read his profile is amazing,believe it or not he is ranked one of the best in many association.

datstrac said...

Hi I am Kipsoi Moss working with Police department, would like to pursue a course on computer forensic, anyone with an idea where i can get one to contact me on Kenya

Anonymous said...

Hi... Iam Calvin Odari aged 18. Am a form 4 at Kakamega School. I have a great passion of doing a course in forensics but i have no idea on the University that offers the course. can any one help me? (facebook-. carl caca odari) thanks

Lucy said... Lucy Muthama, currently am doing web and graphic designer.I've always had passion in Forencic Science/computer forensic but i have no idea on any college or university that offers that course. I would appreciate if someone advice me on on any school in kenya and the requirements for the course.( in advance.

Lucy said... Lucy Muthama, currently am doing web and graphic designer.I've always had passion in Forencic Science/computer forensic but i have no idea on any college or university that offers that course. I would appreciate if someone advice me on on any school in kenya and the requirements for the course.( in advance.

Anonymous said...

Am Kelly just cleared Bsc Military Science and Bsc Criminology.Am looking for university offering Masters in Forensic Science.Please

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyne and Sophie... I am a Forensic Expert who 's trained in the UK. I've just relocated to Kenya and interested in joining your organization as well as attending your next meeting. Could you please advise me when you are likely to hold one? My email is;

Anonymous said...

oh my god!!!I never such a website existed . I really need your help , am a form four student and I want to pursue forensics . I would like to work with you during the holiday . This the best chance ever and keep up with the good work . Can study forensics in The University of Nairobi?
My email is

mejar brian said...

I'm looking for internship. Contact me via email:

mejar brian said...

I'm looking for internship. Contact me via email:

Unknown said...

How do I join the organization I am pursuing forensic science degree