Monday, January 28, 2008

The Kenyan ICT Bigwigs (Corporate) - Part 4

Mr. Robert Kariuki Mugo joined Flashcom in 2006 as the CEO. Flashcom is a locally owned CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) wireless connection provider (local loop operator). He has over 12 years experience in the ICT industry. The University of Nairobi Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate has been a pioneer in companies like Africa Online Kenya, Africa Online Holdings, UUNET Africa, UUNET Kenya and UUNET Communications.

Flashcom is growing in leaps and bounds under the stewardship of Mugo. It has managed to double its subscriber base in the wireless services and offers advanced voice services as well as data services on a single line.

Flashcom has bet on CDMA as the future wireless standard in Kenya. Its main competitors are Popote and Telkom Wireless who also offer services on CDMA.

Mugo contends that CDMA is the way to go due to its high quality voice, high speed data, efficient use of frequency and its low infrastructure framework.

Mugo has an ambitious plan of going regional by offering converged services offering voice, data and video as they plan on taking advantage of the fibre optic cable technology.

Flashcom has managed to maintain its stronghold in Nairobi due to the greater number of base-stations the company has in the area.

Kenya-Byte wishes Mugo future success.


Anonymous said...

This was my classmate in uon...we used to call him robo , unbelievable.Keep it up Robert

B.K.Muthoga said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous, more buddies will be unearthed in this blog, keep on visiting.

Anonymous said...

Mugo is now the CIO at Safaricom......He is definitely had a very prolific career and who knows what next....CEO Safaricom? Only time can tell....Big-up Mr.Mugo. All the best.