Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy New Year Friends,

My most sincere best wishes to you for 2008. My last article was way back in August 2007. It was a difficult late last year for me due to the transition I was making. I am now back in Kenya for good and despite the post-election matata I am glad to be back home.

I studiously avoid delving into politics in this blog. However its pervasive and destructive onslaught threatens to smash our country into smithereens. As ICT professionals we have an obligation and responsibility to our motherland. The time has come to stand forward and be counted. I would appeal to all brothers and sisters to promote peace, love and unity. We have the power to build or destroy our nation. Let’s opt for the right thing.

Mimi bado najivunia kuwa Mkenya!!!


Ssembonge said...

I feel you on transitioning back home especially for some of us here who have grown acustomed to simple pleasures of the west.

I guess we'll be 'eating' Kenyan politics for a long time to come.

B.K.Muthoga said...

Indeed ssembonge, sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump into the swamp, never mind the resident political reptiles hissing at you...let's pray this siasa mbaya does not choke us soon!!!