Monday, June 25, 2007

Telkom Kenya

So here I am at 11.55 pm (GMT) 24 June 07 and I wanted to check out the rates of Telkom Wireless ( Instead I get the above. Telkom Kenya - you need your website up and running 24/7. Two possibilities here: Kenya Offline or Bongeni Jo!!


Nico said...

I don't get it, what is the point of having a website if you don't update the content? I think most companies are either getting it all wrong or their IT people are sleeping on the job. It doesn't do a company's image any good to have a web presence that is not adding value to its customers. To say that it is frustrating to visit a website and find the same content (or worse "Site Under Construction") 3 months down the line is an understatement. I sincerely hope all concerned will pull up their socks

B.K.Muthoga said...

True Nico, static organisations equate to static webpages.