Thursday, May 17, 2007

KQ - The Pride of Africa

I shall be flying Kenya Airways, the Pride of Africa.

Thanks tHiNkEr’S rOoM for bringing to our attention the myopic CNN coverage.

Show your support, fly KQ.

We are not remainders!!


Ivan said...

I am a congolese citizen, and have a complaint that I would like you to help me.
This is the fact: there is a criminal network operating from Kenya that is abusing people by sending them fake message of promotional gift of big international companie's supposed to be based in Kenya, and this through mobile phone numbers. I've received on my mob phone number one of this message now 5 days from a so called "Representative of TOYOTA Representative Office of Kenya. The message contents: "congratutations, you have ben selected by Toyota Kenya and are a winner of a Toyota Landcruiser... please call +25473526267518.

After calling this number, I realized this was a well organized group of "shark" trying to abuse naive people. By chance I succeed to collect the ID of one of these sharks, who, unfortunately, have already succeed to abuse more than on of congolese by this criminal practice. So my question is : how can I contact the concerned pôlice branch of Kenya to catch this people.
Your assistance is helpfull

Anonymous said...

I would like to add to "Ivans" comments.
My mother also received a similar sms yesterday at 20h14 which reads:
"YOU HAVE WONE A TOYOTA LANDCRUISER IN A PROMOTION HELD IN THE JAPAN INT MOTOR SHOW" WELCOME. To call Brian Mufyoki, the Assistant Manager of the Motorshow on the number: +254723406673.
I was curious and i called the number and i spoke to Brian. I asked him to fax or e-mail me the details but he told me that he was unable to do that, that he insisted that my mom is just to respond to the sms with all her details, i.e.: ID Number, Home address and the nearest Airport.
Once she has done that, he asked me to call him back and he would give me further instructions, that the vehicle would be delivered to us by the afternoon, that all we probably would be liable for is the charges for the 'customs' charges !!
Okay, so, i called back to ask him how genuine they are, he tells me this is not a scam, (of course they would say that !!), but still, i am concerned as to why it is, if you have won something as big as a car, surely they would call these numbers to verify, that he supposedly says, they selected these numbers randomly on the internet?
Needless to say, i called my husband who is in the airline industry and he advised that this is apparently a scam. What they are doing is, once they have your details, you call back and they will advise you that your car is in holding at ORT and that you would be required to pay "X" amount to get it out in order for them to fly it down to Durban for you. Well, needless to say, they then 'close shop' and run off with your money.

I have put in a comment on our local radio station (East Coast Radio), in the hope that they will be able to warn others out there of these scams.

Anonymous said...

We had exactly the same sms on my husbands phone. Exactly the some experience as recorded. Why would toyota kenya dish out cruisers to sa tel nos. Well, just the way they operate, Very suspect in every way. Thnx to the interest with the warning on it. I thought as much was true. Peet Nieuwoudt

Anonymous said...


Prominent said...

I received a message from the japaness international show promotion show which was held in kenya saying i wom a car LANDCRUIUSER toyota (vx)which was worth $140,000.this were all lies and this so unfair to me and the public.when i received this message i was so exited that i even told my parents that iam no-longer their child.I even called my girlfriend and told her that I won myself a car and she could not stop screaming until i told her that is over.Im now afraid to call my parents and apologise for the things i said.I want to sue you ten million rands,see you in court.BY prominent mnisi and fumani ndlovu.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
have also received an sms on the 27 July reading "Congratulation from Japan Motors! Ur Phone no. has won TOYOTA LANDCRUISER VX worth Us$75,000" i remember i was so excited and i wanted to phone same time but did not have airtime. i phoned on Monday and the person i spoke to he said i should phone later as his manager is not in office and that their computer are out of order. As the Assistant Manager of Japan Motors he cant assist me without the information on their system. That's when i started becoming suspicious and thought of a scam. This people are cruel how can they play with other people's luck? i wish to see them and put them in jail. Thanks to all of you who has posted all this warning otherwise i would have fallen on this scam.

Anonymous said...

Hi All, Its Friday the 15th August 2008 and I have just received a sms that reads as follows:-"Congratulation from Japan Motors! Ur Phone no. has won TOYOTA LANDCRUISER VX worth Us$75,000
Haha yeah wright!I realized it was a scam and did not call, these so called master minds need to be caught and be locked up for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

HI there just got the same stupid sms here in south africa almost called the No. THX for the heads up. Must admit the got my hopes up.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,just got the sms as well and I hadn't read your warnings yet. I was a bit suspicious so before I send my details to them via sms I thought I should check the net for the legitimacy of this whole thing and yeah, lets just say you people saved my pocket!

Thank you all, I hope these Loosers get caught!

Anonymous, Johannesburg

Anonymous said...

hie i also received a message sayin i won a mercedes benz from japan motor show on an internet competition whatever on 25 august 2008 they said i should either come there in kenya or pay 3000 to mary mbete kisilu id no 22064484. i was going to pay this money but thanks to the internet im not going to lose my money to stupid sharks they should find another way to make money

Anonymous said...

I received an sms on the 2nd of September when I switched on my phone in the morning.

Immediately I thought it was a scam, but a day later I thought what if.....? and I checked the internet and found this page.

I just wish all people can chack before they fall for this disgusting scam.

Anonymous said...

same old scam circulating - this time a merc courtesy of Kenya - dont be a sucker to these mongrels

Anonymous said...

i have also received this sms saying that i have won a land cruiser. i spoke to brian.. all a conn. WATCH OUT!!

Anonymous said...

I too have recieved the sms about winning the LandCruizer VX, but only from another number +255768031387 which is asking me to call the following number +25473228626.

If you did not enter a compitition don't expect to win anything!

I knew it was SCAM from the first time I read the message.

Hope no one has lost money!!!

Anonymous said...

december 28 2008
I live in Cyprus and have just recieved this email saying i had won a land cruiser call kenya i knew it was a scam just tired of all these people getting away with it