Saturday, May 05, 2007

KQ 507

I would wish to extend my condolences to the families, friends and relatives of those who perished when KQ Flight 507, bound for Nairobi with 115 people aboard, crashed shortly after it took off from Douala in Cameroon on Saturday morning. To all concerned I say pole sana.


Anonymous said...

What could have happened to KQ 507?

1. Corrupt officials at either or both the Abidjan and Douala airports OVERLOADED the plane.
People who have flown thru west African airports are familiar with the way airport officials record just half of the weight of your checked in luggage then make you "pay" for the other half directly to them.
Same goes for hand luggage, where any excess weight is not left behind but "paid" for.
So the KQ crew might have flown thinking they are carrying half of what they are actually carrying.
Add to that INCOMPETENT airport officials NO RADAR and BAD WEATHER.

= Next time airport officials let you carry excess luggage take a ‘pause and calmly think about it‘!

2. Maybe someone is actually not be too happy with Kenya Airways growing that fast in the African Skies.
Conspiracy theory? Maybe but where there is smoke there is fire.
Who might want to hurt Boeing? Who might feel that they not KQ should have a monopoly over francophone skies? Who is jealous of KQs growth into Southern Africa? Whose interests might be furthered by such an incidence? Shindwe! :)

Already some are calling for Kenya Airways to CANCEL West African flights…if there is indeed any mystery or foul play...wouldn’t that be the perpetrators whole point?

= God Bless Kenya!

B.K.Muthoga said...

I agree, it would be foolhardy to cancel the West African routes...but as for the sabotage, I would think KQ management would have long ago gotten the drift of that ill wind and become more vigilant.

I do believe there is something behind this tragedy that we are not been told about. Brace yourself for an acrimonious inquiry and foggy investigations.