Tuesday, January 24, 2012

KE–CIRT (Kenya Computer Incident Response Team)

The Kenya Information and Communications Act CAP411A mandates the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to develop a national cyber security management framework through the establishment of a national Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT). In this regard, the Commission has setup the Kenya Computer Incident Response Team (KE-CIRT) whose mandate is to coordinate response to cyber security incidents nationally and to collaborate with relevant actors locally, regionally and internationally in the management of cyber incidents. The KE-CIRT is also the national cyber security management point of contact for Kenya and is under the authority of the CCK.

To make the Internet secure, to develop a world-class security and information base and to become a publicly accessible forum for Internet and computer security.

To assist in the development of the Kenya information Society by making the use of computers and the Internet safer.

In executing its mandate, the KE-CIRT works with various local stakeholders including various government agencies, the private sector, academia and civil society. The current KE-CIRT stakeholders are as follows:
The various law enforcement agencies;
The Directorate of E-Government;
The Kenya ICT Board;
The Kenya Network Information Centre;
The Telecommunication Service Providers Association of Kenya;
The Kenya Education Network;
The Central Bank of Kenya.

Among other services, the KE-CIRT is responsible for responding to incidents targeting government entities and the general public.

The KE-CIRT is the national focal point for coordinating information flow, response to cyber attacks and remediation of cyber security incidents for Kenya and its role includes the following:
Coordinating response to cyber security incidents nationally;
Liaising with local sector CIRTs, regional & international cybersecurity management entities through forging partnerships;
Facilitating the development of a national Public Key Infrastructure (PKI);
Gathering and disseminating technical information on computer security incidents, vulnerabilities, security fixes and other security information, as well as issuing alerts and warnings;
Building capacity and creating awareness on cyber security best practice;
Facilitating the deployment of a national PKI framework ;
Research & Development on information (cyber) security.

Contact Information
Please report any cyber security incidents by sending an email to: cirt@cck.go.ke

You can also reach us on the following numbers: +254 20 42 42 000 or +254 703 042 000 (ext. 446).

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